Monday, May 28, 2012

Austin Bound

This week has been crazy! I got a job, traveled to Austin to spend time with Camille, and will sign a lease at my new apartment (which is super nice and in a great, pretty area of Dallas) tomorrow. Life is good and God is merciful.

To be quick, here are some of my favorite snap-shots from our Austin get-a-way weekend:

The first night, Camille and I walked around Austin and ate to our hearts' content. Loved having great, heart-felt conversations over some delicious, authentic Austin food!

I love Asian food, especially when it's fresh and authentic! Great! 

After dinner, Camille and I traveled to Mozart's Coffee and enjoyed a plethora of desserts. This was a great cafe right on the water - so beautiful! 

My dessert: Oreo Mint Cheesecake. Yummy. 

Camille's dessert: Peanut butter Chocolate Cake and Amy's Mexican Vanilla. Yes, she ate it all...and finished off mine. 

Our view! 

The next day, Camille and I enjoyed eating lunch at Taco Deli (so good!), going to Barton Springs (so cold!), and visiting Unusual Objects. We met up with her parents later that evening, enjoyed a wonderful meal, and had a great time walking around Austin with our Amy's ice cream. Gotta love Amy's! 

We also got to see where the Captextri was going to take place the next day (by the way, Camille is a beast and came in 2nd place). 

So. Many. Bikes. 

Overall: great friend, great place, great trip! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Patiently Waiting

I've been reminded this week that situations are a matter of patience. Be it interviews, call backs, apartment searches, relationships, buying a pretty's all about being patient enough to wait for the prefect time. Although I am hopeful for many things in my life, I am learning the virtue of patience - which besides in a classroom setting, is not my strongest suit.

So, here's to patiently waiting for perfect timing.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jump for Joy!

This week(end) has been crazy good. I turned 23, became an alum of UNT, decided that I was going to move and get my own apartment by the end of the summer, and am hopeful for a job position and future decisions. God is good and merciful! To all my friends, family and mentors: thank you for your support, encouragement, love and prayers. I couldn't have gotten through these four years without you!

Enjoy the multiple graduation pictures!

I'm not sure why Alex was in my trunk (probably because he was super impressed by its massive size) but nonetheless, I love Alex's humor). 

On the way to UNT!

Officially graduated!... with my TOMS. :) 

Mom and Papi - so grateful for their support!

Love my siblings! 

Fun fact: Grandmommy graduated from UNT in Education. 

Had to put these pictures on here. High school graduation in 2008 and then college in 2012. Blessed by you Katherine! 

Please see how beastly Marisa is. She made me this awesome "Miss Serna" crayon wreath for my future classroom. Thank you Marisa and Pinterest. LOVE this!

Love my brother! 

All the siblings! 

Ha! Great awkward, prom picture! 

Yay for celebrations! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Checking Things Off

I sadly forgot about my "Adventure List" that I made myself a few months ago. But as I was cleaning out my computer files, I reopened it and realized that I had excitedly accomplished many things off the list! Even this past week, I was able to cross off 4 or 5 things:

1. Visiting the Arboretum with Cameron, Alyssa, and Paige: This was a lot of fun but sadly, I don't have any pictures. It was fun to relax outside and get to talk to Paige while the kids ran off and enjoyed the outdoors.

2. Go to Denton/The Square: On Saturday, I traveled to Denton to celebrate my dear friend Laura's wedding shower. After, close friends and I had lunch and hung out at The Square. It felt so good to visit one of my favorite places: Denton, TX.

3. SMU: I am constantly crossing this off my list because I am continuously having a picnic or just relaxing on the beautiful lawns of SMU. I love this campus for so many reasons and am so excited that I can share one of my favorite places with good friends.

Two of my besties: Camille and Ashley. 

Camille and one of her many talents: her skin can stretch a creepishly large amount. 

Gotta love them. :) 

4. Houdeks: Babysitting for the Houdeks doesn't feel like babysitting - it's just plain fun. Great parents, great kids, great dog. Love this family! So blessed!

I have known this family for 6 (7?) years, and Lily is officially taller than me...she's in 5th grade. 

 Good ol' times.

Walker, who is in 2nd grade, can also pick me up. There's something wrong with this... 

The night wouldn't have been complete without one of Walker's yoga moves.

5. Hang out with Home Group friends: I love my Home Group. They are wonderful and have been there for me during this rough season. I got the chance to meet some of the members for brunch at Egg and I ("Eat at a new restaurant": check) and it was great talking and laughing with them. Love my church community. 

6. Art Festival: Emily joined me at Cottonwood Art Festival today and we had a wonderful time "wish shopping" and eating our snow cones. Delightful. 

Other news... 
This week I have an interview for a 1st grade position at a Richardson ISD school that just so happens to fall on my birthday - did I mention I'm turning 23?? Also this week, I am graduating from COLLEGE. There will be a lot of celebrations this week that my heart isn't ready for to be honest. As you all know, I've been given a season of hurt and uneasiness, so the thought of celebrating is hard to get excited about. But, God is good, He is trustworthy, His ways are always best, and I deserve this week of celebration. In all things, no matter what, God always gives blessings...even in the storm - this weekend proved that with friends alone.