Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Working Towards a Good Cause

Those of you who know me well know that I hate working out. Every year I tell myself I'm going to work out on a routinely schedule and it always fails. Alone, with an accountability partner, boyfriend who loves to workout, always fails. This year I have a new plan.

Last night as I was scrolling through my Pinterest account, I found a couple of workout routines that were quick, able to do at home, and had great reviews. (Ironic how I pin workout routines and then never do them.) So today, I decided to do two of the routines every day. I also decided that every time I did this I would add a $1 to a jar. After collecting $100, I would give that money away to a ministry in need.

It amazes me how much work and motivation it takes to work out. Here goes to hoping that this new goal/idea actually works!

Any ideas on other ways to make working out fun?


  1. I mean, not to be a downer (or a non-do-gooder), but you'd better reeeeeally want to give to that ministry. Perhaps it would be a better motivator to spend that $100 on something super frivolous that you wouldn't buy for yourself otherwise? (And obviously just give $100 to that ministry anyway. Ha.) Just sayin'. :)

    1. Elena, you are a killer of dreams. ;) I originally I thought I would treat myself to a massage but I was TRYING to be selfless. But apparently you're telling me I need to be selfish and not think of others. :)