Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Getting to Me

This past week I had new teacher training and surprisingly, after the week, I felt more calm and relaxed rather than stressed. Granted, it did help that I student taught in the district so I was familiar with most of the tools, technology, etc. our wonderful leaders went over. But furthermore, and most importantly, I was given a great insight into how the fourth grade team would work together and the women who composed this group. I have to say that I feel truly blessed. These women are amazing and are becoming good, close friends. I love them and I am truly excited to be part of their team and excited for the students that they will undoubtedly impact this year. A lot of my fears have been erased and replaced with excitement because of these women. I cannot wait to begin this upcoming school year!

Mike, Marisa and Lucy came to visit me at Gulledge the other day and I truly enjoyed showing off my school, classroom and teammates. Also, Marisa surprised me with a WONDERFUL and so thoughtful gift...

A supply cake!
I love it so much I can't seem to have the heart to take it apart.
 Thanks Marisa! 

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