Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've been told I need to write about my "Pinterest Challenge" on my blog, so here I am! Although I won't go through everything I've done, I will talk about my latest (as in 5 minutes ago) craft.

I am currently redoing my bedroom. I'm taking a plain door and making it into a fun headboard with the help from my brother-in-law. Since the headboard is still in progress, I thought I would go ahead and work on the wall facing my bed...aka the empty, boring wall.

Luckily as I was searching for ideas, one of my sister's wedding photographers posted a picture of her new wall that she revamped in her house. A light bulb went off.

I searched through many letters, postcards, new and old pictures, and decided on 17 different things to put on my wall. I was surprised by how many picture frames I already had and went to Target and Hobby Lobby to buy the rest. And yes, I gave myself a budget for this project - didn't want to go overboard.  Here it is! Enjoy!


After! (Feel free to see it whenever - it looks better in person :)) 

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  1. Looks very good!.....I knew that that wall could be used for something!..way to go!....